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Leader in BPaas provides Sandbox for metaverse development to industry leaders.


The term ‘Metaverse’ sounds something straight out of a sci-fi movie. However, it is now becoming a reality that can be experienced by anyone who is connected to the internet. With Zuckerberg’s rebranding Facebook as Meta and the efforts of the crypto world to bring about a DeFi revolution, Metaverse will probably be a concrete reality in 2022 itself. With Metaverse, new possibilities will open up. For instance, a new discourse on sustainability will be sparked. Apart from that, experiences that were not available to the general public prior to Metaverse will be easily accessible to them in Metaverse itself.

Bringing Metaverse to Reality

As of now, it’s difficult to imagine a Metaverse in reality. There are ideas that exist, but there’s no coherent vision that ties them all together. Moreover, there’s still the question of how it has to be brought to the real world. The solution, it seems, is Morpheus Labs. Morpheus Labs is the leading force in BPaaS or Blockchain Platform as a service. Their primary product, ML-seed sandbox, will play a crucial role in bringing the Metaverse to life. This product of theirs, which is, in fact, a platform, allows users to create NFT-based and token-based projects. The security that this platform offers is also otherworldly.


The Sandbox will be in action probably by next year. In 2022, Morpheus Labs plans to raise awareness about its core product that will bring Metaverse to life. Whether it succeeds in doing so or not is up for speculations.

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