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The Leading Blockchain Auction House Auctionity Was Present at the AIBC Summit

There is no denying the fact that Auctionity is the leading Blockchain auction house for NFT, collectibles related to crypto, and ERC 721. Auctionity was recently present at one of the most notable events held in the name of crypto, blockchain, and technology basically, the AIBC Summit.

The blockchain auction house is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the developers and ultimately acts as a connecting line or a sort of bridge between the world of assets and the capabilities of the open-source blockchain.

As per the information revealed from the official website of Auctionity, it is backed by the first French ICO, DomRaider network, which is a team lead be energetic and enthusiastic individuals. Back on January 31, 2018, the Auctionity MVP was released, and that marked a significant moment for the DomRaider Network team.

Auctionity is Equipped with all the Required Tools and Documentation

In addition to this, it should be noted that the platform is completely capable of providing impactful documentation and tools and in case you desire to create your own personalized auction house for your Non-fungible Token project, amalgamate your asset into the Saleroom of Auction, or even utilize their API, what’s stopping you from visiting their website?

Along with this, the platform offers community rewards rather than just being a decentralized, escalating auction platform. They are committed to benefit all the members of their community as a token of thanks allowing every individual on the platform to earn money by promoting auctions on the platform.

This is your new NFT world, if you wish to see existing NFTs added, or in case you want to list a new kind of collectible that you may have developed recently, Auctionity should be your final destination.

Get onboard the leading auction house for NFT and stand an opportunity to earn money.

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