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Limoverse Ecosystem Was Present at the Crypto Expo 2022 Event in Dubai

What makes Limoverse so special?

Limoverse has the potential to address some of society’s chronic pain points in the healthcare sector.

  • One healthcare cost can send a middle-class family into debt!
  • People are starting to realize that staying healthy is less expensive than being sick. However, they are unsure about how to do so.
  • Hospitals are available to treat illnesses.
  • Where should they go for health management?
  • It’s always been difficult to stay motivated in wellness programs?

Limoverse was recently showcased at the Crypto Expo 2022 Event, held in Dubai.


  • Life expectancy is rising, and so are the rates of lifestyle diseases. People have been living shorter lives and dying later in life.
  • The cost of healthcare is skyrocketing.
  • It’s difficult to stay motivated to stick to diet and workout routines.


  • Knowing about diseases ahead of time and altering one‘s lifestyle to prevent or delay disease.
  • To avoid diseases, self-care is used in conjunction with personal health data as well as technological technology.
  • Gamification can be used to encourage people to keep healthy by making wellness activities more enjoyable.

What exactly does Limoverse do?

An ecosystem that enables people to take complete control of their health through education, tools, and services, including goods, allowing them to live long, healthy lives.

People can connect with wellness professionals and institutions from all around the world.

Based on geno-metabolic analysis and powered by the most powerful technologies for personalizing health.

As diverse streams of wellness activities are brought together on one platform, this is an integrative and comprehensive approach. It costs money to stay in shape. The use of potent rewards and gamifications motivates users to keep healthy and fit.

Personal health data can be used to make money, so there’s an incentive to examine and keep it.

Wellness practitioners but also enthusiasts can profit from Limoverse’s powerful ‘creator economy,’ in which their content will fetch wealth.

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