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$LUCA – Decentralized Venture Capital has been launched by Lucrosus Capital (DeVC).

Several blockchain projects have seen enormous success in recent times. Traditional investors have started seeing the high growth potential of these projects. They have been investing a lot in this market. With the current prices trading low, the cryptocurrency market presents a good opportunity to invest.

Increasing Demand for VC Services

With these favorable market conditions, the demand for the services of venture capital firms has been increasing. The only problem is that these funds are targeted at wealthy investors and have high entry thresholds. It leaves small and most individual investors unable to invest in these funds. DeVC or decentralized VC aims to change this. The DeVC funds have plans to allow everyone to invest in early-stage projects. DeVC is starting to get a foothold in the investment market. It has already received backing from leading companies. Lucrosus Capital’s $LUCA token launched on Jan 17, 2022 is one such attempt.

Benefits for the Investors of $LUCA Tokens

The company is the first one to offer gamified DeVC benefits to small and individual investors. The goal of this tokenization is to decentralize projects, so the investors are assured of better security and protection of their funds. The plan is to democratize VC investment. Due to its special blockchain features, all investments will remain anonymous. There is no investment threshold. Investors holding this token will benefit from the VC investments Lucrosus Capital makes.

The team of Lucrosus Capital has worked hard to develop a successful product. This token offers several benefits to its holders. Shared Allocated Program is one such benefit. It allows the investors to get tokens of projects where Lucrosus Capital invests. They can invest according to the $LUCA token amount they hold.

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