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LYOPAY Attends the Crypto Expo Event 2022 Held in Dubai

LYOPAY is an app that believes in powering people by providing them different cryptocurrency services in one place- their app. The LYOPAY application allows users to experience the crypto world on their smartphones. Most recently, the platform showed up at the 2022 Crypto Expo Event in Dubai.

Cryptocurrencies are forms of online payments created for purchasing services and goods. Moreover, the technology that directs a cryptocurrency is called a blockchain. It is a decentralizing technology distributed across numerous computers that operate and record transactions. In simpler terms, a blockchain is a spread database powering cryptocurrencies.

Discover What LYOPAY Does

Crypto Wallet: LYOPAY allows you to store all your cryptocurrencies safely. This feature also enables you to simply make exchanges and transactions to your other wallets.

E-banking with SEPA: With this app, you can make SEPA transfers in euros to external banks and receive them faster, mostly within 24-48 hours. It also allows you to send and receive money with your unique IBAN.

Turbo Swap: A user can exchange cryptocurrencies and traditional instantly, with low fees on over a hundred exchange rates.

Debit Card: With LYOPAY, you can order your virtual debit card to shop online or even receive it physically at your home. However, this feature might be temporarily unavailable for a few users right now.

EUR and USD Trust Account: This unique feature enables the protection of your assets and funds in dollars and euros.

Referral: This feature allows the user to receive rewards for each new member you sign up for that goes on to the app and uses its services.

Why use LYOPAY?

With LYOPAY, the users get to experience all services to use their cryptocurrencies, for shop payments, exchanges, staking, and much more. Moreover, the app has three major platforms, namely e-commerce, payment app, and travel booking.

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