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M.I.A. Discusses Crypto, Julian Assange, and Her New Album

Public figures play an important role in almost all pop culture news and influence the decision that people take. Similarly, M.I.A is a bluntly popular artist and singer who has been known for her opinions and strong stand on social issues. She has tacked political issues like immigration, colonialism, and Julian Assange’s controversial issue through her catalog. The music she makes carries another level of strength and potential about the issues that she wants to talk about. However, she sometimes fails to convey a strong message through her music and remains unclear in it.

Selling her mixtapes via NFTs is making them more unique and creative

M.I.A is selling her every unique track individually and using the new digital asset in the market to get her albums sold. NFTs are one of the most discussed digital currencies of this decade. M.I.A has created songs keeping the controversy in mind and selling them through these popular digital assets. She stands strongly on the NFTs created. The NFTs for “Vicki Leekx” were one of the most discussed NFTs of the time.

Vicki Leekx, as per her statement, is created keeping in mind a totally different perspective. She considered the whole album as art rather than just a piece of music. She talks about music being one of the forces that helps her write about the issues that exist in society. Therefore, crypto and NFTs are part of her strategy to sell a unique collection of arts or music.

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