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Magic Eden to integrate native tokens of top Solana NFT projects

A leading NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, on the Solana network is set to integrate the native tokens of top Solana NFT projects like Aurory and DeGods. Users will be able to purchase any NFT on Magic Eden using AURY and DUST.

The platform had initially tweeted “brb integrating $DUST” on March 31 as a teaser. This was followed by a tweet of an illustration of a fantasy-themed pub, on April 1, with the Magic Eden logo. It was accompanied by the text “$AURY”. DUST, the native token of DeGods, and AURY use Solana’s SPL token standard.

Tiffany Huang, the head of content and marketing at Magic Eden, highlighted that the tokens can be spent much like SOL on the marketplace. They can be used to purchase Solana NFTs from any collection listed on the platform. Huang said they wanted to get the projects really excited so they could use the tokens on Magic Eden. The executive pointed out that no other marketplace does this. Thus, Magic Eden saw it as a huge opportunity.

Meanwhile, the NFT marketplace is also in discussions with the creators of other Solana blue-chip NFT collections to add their tokens too. But as of now, only AURY and DUST are confirmed. The integration of these tokens will be launched within a few weeks.

DeGods has lately emerged as one of the most popular Solana-based NFT projects. It has generated more trading volume, over the past week, than any other NFT collection on Magic Eden. DeGods launched DeadGods last week. It is an initiative that allows DeGods NFT holders to swap to a different profile picture. Furthermore, the holders of DeGods non-fungible tokens can earn DUST by staking their NFT.

Aurory has also grown in prominence. Its initial profile pictures are part of a wider metaverse game initiative that is being built. AURY is touted as a multi-utility ecosystem token for the growing Aurory project.

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