Monday, December 4, 2023

MahaDAO launches revolutionary blockchain MahaChain.

The present era is all about bitcoins, blockchains and building such technologies – and another inline is MahaChain. MahaChain is an upcoming revolutionary blockchain by the autonomous organization MahaDao. MahaDao is known for its decentralization and the same is expected from MahaChain.

Technology of MahaChain

MahaChain uses the updated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm – making it a better EVM. This will allow MahaDao to venture into the markets of Defi, dApps, and NFTs. There is also a greater role of MahaDao here. The EVM follows a dual-token design – supporting 100 validator nodes at the start. These will also need $MAHA token holders. So, Maha – as a brand – will increase in value.

Launch of MahaChain

We can hope to witness the launch of MahaChain in early 2022 – depending on the economic policies. This dynamic technology aims to include prime economic policies as a built-in feature. This would be powered by smart contracts. So, in the starting months of 2022, the latest policies will be coded into MahaChain. This system was tested last year, in 2021. It showed great potential and opened the doors for creating a fully decentralized economy.

The policies herein will be focused on different economic concepts (that hold relevance in today’s business world). These include buybacks, quantitative easing, interest rates promotion, and ultimately, fueling the growth of technology like MahaChain itself. The policies to be coded in the network will be through a whitepaper written by Steven Enamakel and Suhad Kulkarni – a dynamic duo of MahaDao Creator and a renowned Economist.

Let’s wait and watch the unfolding of this revolutionary blockchain network. It might create a stir in other networks with its community-centered and scalable approach.

Cryptured Team
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