Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Mainstream adoption for NFT art kicking off in 2021, says NFT. NYC co-founder Cameron Bale

NFT.NYC is the most notable worldwide gathering of NFT enthusiasts. It has put up a huge show for the previous 3 years, and 2021 had been no different. The events feature everything from fun activities to charged debates where NFT enthusiasts and experts could interact and extend their network. More than 5000 people attended the event this year, making it one of the most successful in the event’s history. In the wake of this growing success, the co-founder of NFT.NYC Cameron Bale spoke to the media about his views and predictions on NFTs.

From what Bale said, the mention of mainstream adoption of NFTs gained the most limelight. According to him, 2021 was a pivotal year for NFTs and the global market of NFTs. Earlier, NFT was a niche domain for select experts in technology and art. 2021 was the year of democratizing NFTs. While Bale agreed that mainstream media had a huge role to play in this development, he also believes that the popular representation of NFTs is skewed.

Bale also focused on the expansion of NFT use cases. He believes that art was the first use case of NFTs because of their ubiquitous appeal. However, the real-world uses of NFTs will soon expand to other sectors. One sector where it is already making a difference is blockchain and play-to-earn gaming. Apart from these predictions, Bale also spoke about his general opinion on NFTs and cryptocurrency.

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