Sunday, April 14, 2024

According to a study, male creators account for at least 77 percent of NFT art sales

Gender disparity is a pressing issue in all sectors of human involvement. The tech industry, in recent times, has been a hotbed of gender prejudice outcries. Each of the four tech giants has had accusations of gender-based discrimination against them. It is no news that the STEM fields have a disproportionate representation of men compared to women. That same phenomenon seems to have stemmed down to the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Art Tactic’s new survey reveals that male artists overwhelmingly dominate the NFT industry, and reap nearly 77% of total sales volume. Many possible answers to this situation sound valid. To begin with, it is well recorded and statistically proven that men own more wealth on a global average. Naturally, NFTs represent a form of wealth transfer. Men would obviously have an advantage here.

Popular musician Grimes was the only woman in the Art Tactic list of top ten NFT artists. All other members were men. It is no surprise that men still largely dominate both the cultural arenas and the economic powerhouses. However, many thought the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies would make it a safe space for all genders. That does not seem to be the case, as we can see from the survey results. Now it is a need of the hour for top blockchain figures to come together and interrogate these hard questions. While much of it would be beyond their control, some actions of positive affirmation can indeed have a lasting effect on the gender issues within the sector.

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