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MANA Gains Traction, Up 70% Over Two Weeks

Over the past two weeks, Decentraland’s MANA has gained 70% from a low of $1.70 to the highs of $2.90. MANA is getting popular as Decentraland is trying to bridge the gap between the old and the new world. It is a virtual reality ecosystem that is built on the Ethereum network. It allows users to create and engage with and monetize digital content via a range of interactive experiences.

Incorporation of real-world companies into the virtual landscape, expanding ecosystem of celebrities and influencers building on the protocol and enhancement of the user interface to boost the overall user experience are some of the driving factors. Besides everyday users, globally established brands are entering this space.

re are factors driving MANA up.

Moreover, with the explosion of NFTs, some digital collectibles found their way into well-known auction houses like Sotheby’s, which has established a virtual auction house in Decentraland. There are many other businesses from diverse sectors stepping into the metaverse. They want to remain relevant to the younger generations. And they have also been pushed by celebrities and influencers who are looking to establish their brands in virtual reality.

They also know that fans will follow them into the virtual world. As such, experts highlight blockchain technology and VR as the potential to bring in a new wave of adoption. This is quite evident in Decentraland’s Metaverse fashion week. The virtual event attracted Vogue Magazine with its ability to showcase the latest trends in fashion.

Overall, improvements to the user experience and an increasing number of cross-platform integrations are pulling more users to Decentraland.

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