Friday, April 19, 2024

Manchester City FC is building Etihad Stadium in the Metaverse

The reigning English Premier League champion – Manchester City is set to make history by becoming the first football club to build a football stadium in the metaverse. The FC in a three-year partnership with Sony is constructing the replica of the “Etihad Stadium”. It will allow fans across the world to watch live games.

Reports highlight that Sony’s experts have already visited Etihad to map it digitally. They will recreate it in virtual reality. Moreover, the company and Manchester City FC are exploring ideas to involve fans. The FC team can meet their fans in the metaverse, interact with each other, purchase collectibles, merchandise, etc.

Nuria Tarre, City Football Group’s chief marketing, and fan engagement officer, says the whole point of the metaverse is that one can recreate a game. He highlighted that people can watch the game live, be part of the action in a different way through different angles, and fill the stadium as much as one wants. It’s unlimited and completely virtual.

Tarre pointed out that one is in control of what they want to be watching at that time. The fan or user will not be constrained to one broadcast point of view. The game can be watched from any angle of the stadium. The sky is the limit! Andy Etches, the co-founder of Rezzil, believes its not too far off. He said it could be delivered now but it could more likely be a computer-generated version.

Experts say the metaverse could transform broadcasting rights. Currently, its sold to broadcasters as a Premier League-wide package. But now, football clubs exploring the idea of these themselves, and this could be through their respective metaverse. The impact of the new digital world would be monumental. It will bring about a fast-paced change.

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