Tuesday, November 28, 2023

MarinaChain Attends the Dubai Crypto Expo Event 2022

MarinaChain promotes a sustainable Maritime Ecosystem by leveraging Web3 to make the maritime industry greener. Moreover, MarinaChain is coming up with its first product MarinaNet – a platform for sea vessels to easily track, monetize, and benchmark their data for environmental optimization. Recently, MarinaChain showed up at the Crypto Expo Event, held in Dubai.

Cryptocurrencies are forms of online payments created for purchasing services and goods. Moreover, the technology that directs a cryptocurrency is called a blockchain. It is a decentralizing technology distributed across numerous computers that operate and record transactions. In simpler terms, a blockchain is a spread database powering cryptocurrencies.

What Problems does MarinaChain Address?

The maritime industry could account for nearly seventeen percent of global emissions by 2050 if left unmonitored. In recent years, the effect of greenhouse gasses on the environment has been startling, leading several authorities to impose increasingly strict measures and regulations in an attempt to lower carbon emissions.

Moreover, the shipping industry, in general, has been infamously slow to digitize its operations. This has led to companies lacking the ability to accurately track and report their emissions statistics to suitable regulatory authorities.

What is the MarinaChain technology?

MarinaChain is a blockchain ecosystem that provides green and eco-friendly solutions to the shipping field. These include automated reporting and data storage services targeted at addressing various environmental issues.

MarinaNet – Maritime Data Network is a decentralized data ecosystem that incentivizes shipping firms to monitor emissions and monetize ship data on the marketplace.

MarinaVerse – P2E Crypto Gaming is the world’s first carbon-negative P2E game. It has playable NFTs minted for every real-life ship that is added to the MarinaNet network.

Why choose blockchain?

If you want better economics, better operations, and smooth governance and ownership, you should opt for blockchain technology. The decentralization factor is what adds to the value of blockchain technology the most.

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