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Market Capitalization of the Top Meme Coins DOGE has lost 80% of its value since its all-time high

Over the last two weeks, the market for digital assets witnessed a steep fall. There was a fall in the value of Dogecoin(DOGE) by about 23.9% just this week alone. Overall the market cap of the leading meme coins lost 3.1% on 24 Jan alone.

The crypto economy totally amounts to $1.7 trillion. Of this, at present, all of the meme tokens taken together account for $36 billion.

DOGE is still valued 1486% above the US dollar compared to its value last year at this time.

The intra-day value of DOGE has hovered between $0.143480 and $0.126030. The market cap of DOGE is $17.8 billion. This represents a fraction of the total crypto-economy accounting for 1.05% of the crypto market cap.

The crypto asset following DOGE is SHIB. This fell 30.6% over the week and 42.1% over the month.

SHIB occupies 0.68% of the overall crypto economy’s market cap. SHIB’s market cap is valued at $11.7 billion. The intra-day price variation of SHIB has seen it lie between $0.00002282 and $0.00001894/SHIB. The combined value of these two meme coins amounts to $29.5 billion. At this value, they represent 81.94% of the overall market cap of meme coins – which stands at $36 billion.

In addition to the above meme coins, the other meme coins also experienced steep falls. The meme coin BABYDOGE fell 32.5% and SPELL fell 52.9% just in the last week. Amidst this general fall, however, BOXER gained 108.6%.

BOXER was not the only gainer. HOTDOGE gained 11.1%. Others like Vitoge, Luni, and Smudge also rose between 3% and 4.8%.

Cryptured Team
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