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Market Slump Opportunity for Growth of Crypto Blockchain Sector: Megan Nilsson at AIBC Europe.


The ongoing slump and turmoil in the crypto and blockchain industry across the world is an opportunity for growth of the sector, says Megan Nilsson, a high-end crypto consultant, and influencer. She believes a bear market is not a natural part of any given market cycle. It is the gateway to both short and long-term investments.

Megan feels investors are also responsible, partially if not fully, for their losses in regard to the recent scandals. The crypto influencer highlighted that people are putting too much faith in so-called thought leaders and their reputations when it should be in the algorithm.

Kenneth Brincat, CEO of the Malta Department of Innovation, highlighted the necessity of a strong structure and instruments to foster healthy growth without limiting innovation. For continued growth, he believes it’s crucial to empower creators and users of such technology with appropriate regulation.

Scott Stornetta, the father of Blockchain, said scandals like the FTX fiasco prove there is a collision between the ideals of what Blockchain can accomplish and how it ends up being used in the real world.

The AIBC Europe summit in November was a success. It featured a panel dedicated to investments and VC funds in the emerging tech sectors.

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