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Matt Damon and have teamed up on a clean water project


Matthew Damon (an American actor) has tied up with (it is an exchange for the digital currencies that are traded) for a noble cause of “Clean-water”. The exchange has taken an initiative to donate one million dollar for the non-profitable organization “”. This non-profit organization was founded by the famous American actor Matt Damon along with Mr. White. Global water crises is a major issue which is being battled by the countries across the globe. It is important to take initiative to ensure the crisis of water to ensure the healthy lives for many people.

Fund will be utilized for good

The funds that has been donated by the will be used in moving towards a better society where the issue of water crisis exists on a very large scale. Matt Damon who is the main mind behind the initiative of also explained that solution of finance and platform functioning will help us focus in the core problems. This donation will help them take a step forward in this very direction. has made an impact in the blockchain industry and in the global cause

The blockchain technology is catching the speed and has not looked back. Similarly, since the time has entered the market and made a place as a platform for the digital currency, it has only grown. It is considered as the currency of the new era. The platform has used many offers to attract a customer base and emerge as a successful company by securing the base of more than seven hundred dollars of insurance program.

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