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Matt Zhang is on a quest to change the way institutional investors think about cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular among institutional investors. While we can chart the genesis of the movement to big names in the global market like Michael Saylor and Elon Musk, the last few months have been particularly important. A survey from Nickel Digital Asset Management in December 2021 revealed that 85% of institutional investment firms have created a dedicated team for digital asset management. Another survey found that more than 60% of institutional investors with no experience in crypto will enter the market in 2022. Matt Zhang, the founder of Hivemind Capital Partners, is on a mission to help institutional investors enter the crypto market. His venture fund focuses exclusively on crypto and blockchain startups, focusing on bringing more institutional investors to the space.

The inclusion of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency landscape is an important development for the global crypto community. It gives crypto leverage in regulatory policies since it is no secret that large firms have immense persuasive power in governmental decisions. At the same time, the general population becoming increasingly aware and interested in crypto. In such a situation, financial service providers are looking to extend services in the space. Citi Bank among others has already made the move with the addition of a digital asset management arm. Many other financial giants are all set to do the same. In the present global cryptocurrency landscape, these additions and acquisitions will be an important force in the legalization of cryptocurrency.

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