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McDonald’s Plans McRib NFT Giveaway


The famous McRib, which was sold at McDonald’s 40 years ago, will be brought again for the public in a new form. According to online news sources, the 40-year-old McRib will get a digital remodel in the form of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. McDonald USA is planning to launch a set of 10 McRib NFTs, as a part of its annual promotion for a sandwich comeback.

A company representative said that the McRib NFTs would be the digital version of the favorite sandwich of the people. They will be distributed to a few lucky winners on Twitter from 1st November onwards. In September, the company had hinted that people’s favorite sandwich would make a comeback in a few restaurants for a limited time.

According to online sources, the McRib NFTs will be unique pieces of digital art, which cannot be replicated. The company has communicated that the NFT giveaway on Twitter will have a few rules which the participants will have to follow.

In order to be eligible for the giveaway, the participants would have to follow the McDonalds page on Twitter. Thereafter, they would have to retweet the sweepstakes invitation tweet on Twitter from a public account. They can complete this from 1st November to 7th November. The company will select 10 fans by 12th November. The winners will be able to add the exclusive McRib NFTs to their personal collection. In a statement issued by the company, it said that the fans would be able to enjoy the McRib with this NFT even when it is not on the menu.

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