Monday, December 11, 2023

Meet GoChain, 100% Ethereum Compatible Blockchain Platform

The AIBC Malta Summit took place in November this year and the talks seem like the world came together for innovation and technology. This favorite in the global emerging technology event calendar has only increased as Malta’s dedication to a new digital age becomes clear.

Malta Week was a chance to take advantage of the synergy that exists between the developing tech, digital marketing, and gaming industries while also making use of the island’s attractions. Millions of technology-focused companies came together for the event.

GoChain was one of the most noted companies in the event this year. GoChain was founded in 2017 to create a network that will solve the problem of blockchain scaling while also bringing an enterprise team and philosophy to the area.

Ethereum and other blockchain networks are far too expensive, slow, and energy-intensive, contributing to global warming.

GoChain is fully interoperable with Ethereum, which means you can use the same smart contracts and tools like Truffle, OpenZeppelin, and MyEtherWallet. Trusted enterprises, non-profit organizations, and colleges from all around the world administer GoChain.

Key Features of GoChain

–To deploy to GoChain, you can use your existing code and tools.

–Scaling your business is simple when you build on GoChain.

–Some of the world’s largest and most recognized organizations have helped to secure it.

–To gain efficiency, move assets from Ethereum to GoChain, then use our Chainswap technology to send them back at any moment.

–Web3 cli is one of the new developer tools that makes deploying and using contracts a breeze.

–-Contracts may be deployed and used in a matter of seconds.

GoChain is committed to promoting the adoption of beneficial technologies for societal and environmental development. The GoChain Foundation assists businesses of all sizes in developing and deploying their own scalable, low-cost blockchain solutions, as well as running distributed applications and deploying smart contracts.

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