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Meloot to Hold a Seed Sale on KICK.IO for Cardano Social Commerce.

The e-commerce sector sees lots of technological innovations. The industry has already used social media posts and videos to its benefit. Video has become a major medium to increase sales for e-commerce companies. When consumers are able to see the products clearly, they are more likely to buy those products. Almost 10% of Chinese online sales now depend on video marketing. The new solution Meloot ($LADA) launching on KICK.IO launchpad will support e-commerce business owners.

Based on Cardano Blockchain

Meloot, with its native token $LADA, will be the first decentralized sales e-commerce platform working on the Cardano blockchain. It is like Amazon using TikTok to drive sales. E-commerce operators can realize the maximum potential of their business by offering video e-commerce shopping options to their customers. The Meloot algorithm allows people to connect with the brands through this interactive medium.

Sales of Both Digital and Physical Items

The Meloot platform will be operational for both digital and physical products. Customers can sell and purchase all such products through this medium. The platform can also be used for content staking and promotion. This platform will benefit merchants, influencers, content creators, and all others who want to monetize their content using a video-based shopping platform. This ecosystem has the latest technology to promote live video shopping. Anyone can start their personal brand on this platform. Promoters can connect, engage and interact with customers.

The company will launch its seeds sale on the launchpad KICK.IO at 13:00 GMT on 10th February. With lots of investors already showing interest, the public sale is expected to be oversubscribed. The sale will end at 13:00 GMT on February 11, 2022. Its ticker is LADA and the price is $0.0275. The participants have to comply with the KYC requirement. The company is offering 10000000 LADA for sale with ADA as the payment option.

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