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According to a new survey, men check the Bitcoin price more frequently than women

Gender theorists continue to disagree about gender differences and their root causes, but no one denies the reality of temperament conflict between most men and women. Men, in the mainstream, have always been portrayed as the more aggressive gender. That has also translated into men taking more responsibility, and in turn, not letting women take their share of responsibility and power. We can observe the same phenomenon in the world of finance, where men have always led the charge and made key decisions.

While the world of crypto could not deliver any promise of gender equality, it has opened up the world of money to many women. Apart from women, people from all marginalized sections have benefited from easy access to cryptocurrencies. It is the first time many of these people have had access to personal wealth. Despite such developments, the crypto space remains overwhelmingly male-dominated, as is the case with the tech world. A recent study by Researchers Çağla Gül Şenkardeş and Ozan Akadur reveals that men and women approach cryptocurrencies from different perspectives. The study, which was published in the Journal of Business, Economics, and Finance, shows men statistically check crypto prices more often than women.

The researchers behind this study have given various reasons behind this observation. To begin with, more men own crypto than women. Apart from that, many women do not have an in-depth understanding of the market, hence reported price checks do not make sense to them. From a temperamental perspective, anxiety in men leads them to check prices more than women. While such information has very little bearing in the real market, they reveal interesting things about our social structures.

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