Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Meta presents the Metaverse AI supercomputer, claiming it to be the fastest in the world

Facebook is a social media giant that has over a billion users in the world right now. They have been known to work on futuristic projects and recently announced the Metaverse. A virtual reality world where you can do anything that you do in real life and do it exactly the same way there too.

It has been a hit amongst many people and many NFTs are also being sold there. But they also unveiled the “AI Research SuperCluster ” that is a supercomputer that will be the brain for the Metaverse universe in the near future.

The AI that they have created, also dubbed as the Research SuperCluster (RSC) will be groundbreaking and “pave the way” for new things. It will be fully operational by mid-2022 and the hardware for it was showcased on Monday itself.

The new machine will be able to compute in 100s of languages and also have speech recognition. Meta has not revealed the location of the computer or where it is located as of now. With social media and DeFi tech meeting each other in the middle it will be interesting to see where the project goes.

Nike has already entered the Metaverse through the NFTs and people in the Metaverse can wear these after buying them. If you have been planning to get into NFTs and DeFi tech, right now is the best time to do so. Be an early adopter and reap the benefits later on when it will be out of reach for most people.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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