Friday, December 8, 2023

MetaMask Has a Plan to Assist Crypto Scam Victims.

MetaMask is a wallet based on browsers, that can be used to navigate Web 3. They are planning to provide help to people who have become victims of phishing and scams related to cryptocurrency. To this end, MetaMask has decided to partner with Asset Reality.

Asset Reality is a platform that allows for access to as well as recovery of crypto assets as well as digital assets, that have been seized. This is in an effort to tackle fraud related to cryptocurrency. Both ConsenSys, the company behind MetaMask, as well as Asset Reality, will be providing support to victims of crypto scams. They will attempt to help recover the funds that they had stolen.

Helping Victims of Crypto Scams

A major security concern that users of crypto wallets have, are related to phishing scams. There are scams that have a wide net, while others are more targeted. Malicious entities pretend to be friendly, and offer help to users. They say that they will help users learn more about the complex world of cryptocurrency.

Then, they find ways to scam users out of the cryptocurrency that they own.

MetaMask is gathering information from various victims, hoping that they’ll be able to identify who the scammer is. This can make the recovery of lost digital and crypto assets, much cheaper. Users who want help from this service will first need to submit a ticket pertaining to the investigation. Should there be a scam involved, then MetaMask will ask users to provide information relevant to it. It is Asset Reality that will be handling cases for the affected users of MetaMask.

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