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Metamask Planning to Introduce its Native Token


According to many online sources, the famous open-source crypto wallet called Metamask is planning to start issuing its own token soon. If the platform follows through with the plan, it could possibly be the largest crypto drop of this kind. The plan for launching this token in the form of an airdrop was hashed out in the first developer community call. An airdrop usually takes place when a cryptocurrency is first introduced, and it refers to the free distribution of tokens.

The senior software developer at Metamask, Erik Marks, recently came out with a statement saying that the company is considering launching its native token. However, it has not laid out any concrete plans for the token yet. Even so, the Metamask team does have a vision in mind about the kind of token they want to release. The token would most likely have a compelling use case, so as to prevent the token from being used for pump and dump activities. Pump and dump activities refer to the manipulation of crypto prices through speculative trading.

Many crypto market analysts believe that the Metamask token could be the largest crypto airdrop to date. The Metamask wallet is a favorite for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and it presently has more than 5 million users. Crypto airdrops are quite popular because they are based on the chances of winning like in the lottery system. When the Uniswap airdrop took place, the users received around 400 Uni-tokens each. At the time of the airdrop, they were priced at $3 each. At present, the trading value of these tokens is somewhere around $30.

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