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MetaRace integrates three major NFT gameplays using blockchain technology.

MetaRace, through blockchain technology, has combined three major gameplays connected by NFT. It integrates horse racing, NFTs, and online game. MetaRace has incorporated a genetic algorithm and Random Numeral Generator (RNG) technology to create unpredictability and challenges.

It shows the team’s deep thought and hard work for an entirely new concept. Basically, it rams two worlds – the real world and the metaverse. Moreover, MetaRace is the first blockchain game to have a real racehorse. The platform’s impeccable graphic design, diverse gameplay, and fair game rules show that this is no ordinary product – it’s a masterpiece of a metaverse game. It’s truly diversified gameplay.

MetaRace uses decentralized edge playing on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol to enhance the visual quality of the entire game for the underlying architecture. It uses editing tools provided by Caduceus to develop applications on the XR side that create the virtual reality (VR) experience in the competitive metaverse. MetaRace wants to offer users a perfect experience, be it auditory, visual, or in-game style. As such, it collaborated with internationally-renowned DJ and music producer Ashley Wallbridge to produce a game music series for MetaRace Horses Racing for the ultimate immersive game.

The platform has stepped into the global market, making significant progress – cooperation with game guilds, Skill Labs, Shadow Legacy Guild, MetaBase, Blockchain Space, and e-gamers. MetaRace has a strategic partnership with Nunu Spirits, Sugar Kingdom, Dinoland, and other projects. These reflect the platform’s potential and value. MetaRace is set to conduct auctions of horse racing NFTs on several mainstream IGO platforms and the game (V1.0) will be launched after INO. Furthermore, it has divided the roadmap into different stages, including horse racing, XR experience, and decoration – each stage has unique functions and gameplay.

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