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MetaShooter, a breath-taking hunting metaverse, will launch on KICK.IO on February 28.

To say that NFTs of all kinds are taking the crypto arena by storm would be an understatement. NFTs are being used as a method of certification that digital assets of different kinds are authentic. While artwork was the first to capture NFT interest, the real market is in gaming.

In gaming, the very first decentralized metaverse is MetaShooter. In this metaverse, gaming enthusiasts can sign up to experience highly realistic hunting games. By signing up, gamers can compete in a tournament of their choice. The visuals are very realistic and stunning. Rewards for winning against competitors include NFTs that can be converted into cash or hunting trophies.

MetaShooter has modernized the experience of hunting well by introducing new methods for old and amateur gamers to interact within this metaverse. Each player gets the opportunity buy lands to hunt and monetize these space easily. They can breed dogs, go exploring new worlds, build and erect hunting towers, etc. Every element in the environment is exotic because of realistic and stunning visual dynamics. Players are always important to MetaShooter and everyone benefits thanks to RNG type gameplay. It is very easy to earn passive income via all of the new NFT assets.

Metashooter’s very first and prioritized IDO round is expected to start at 2 PM GMT. The general public can gain access to this space on March 3rd,2022 at 2 PM as well. Ticker related information is MHUNT and players can use ADA/USDT to pay for the privilege to pay. As for KICK.IO, it is a fundraising platform based on Cardano. It offers transparent and completely decentralizing services related to crowdfunding.

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