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HowlCity: The metaverse combination of the 3D NFT racing game wowed the community

HowlCity, an NFT game trend is gaining steadily rising popularity. Game and crypto lovers now have several choices in NFT games, in different themes and genres.

NFT items are a major reason for the attraction of these games. An NFT item can either be a weapon or an egg based on the theme of the game. The egg hatches a monster, that will follow the player for the entire duration of the game. The chief attraction of the NFT items is that they are unique and completely belong to the players.

These games are from the first generation of NFT games. They are as difficult to play as the click-to-earn games. However, currently the NFT game trend has evolved to a high level, with complex stories and quality graphics. The NFT games require players to have greater skills – if they are to earn more. HowlCity is the first of the 3D NFT racing games.

The charm of HowlCity

It is the ideal game for lovers of speed. The racing system has been constructed with myriad challenges. The players are provided with a choice of five types of bikes. The motorbikes can be bought, rented and sold. The racers can also trade in-game real estate and interact with the other racers.

HowlCity has also integrated the metaverse trend. HowlCity citizens are provided with an ID, a user name and an in-game avatar.

The game gives players an immersive experience – enabling them to make new friends and be creative in developing new worlds. The game’s play-to-earn feature is also popular, because a small cost for entry, opens up opportunities for large winnings.

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