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Mexican medical facility adopts blockchain for covid test certificates


Blockchain technology is one of the most exciting innovations of our era. While it is still at its nascent stages, it is already showing signs of effective real-world application. The blockchain network’s unique selling point is its security. It is virtually impossible to tamper with data that’s on the Blockchain. As consumers become more concerned about their privacy, Blockchain is coming up as the future of peer-to-peer communication and recording transactions.

The healthcare sector is one of the early adopters of the blockchain network outside the cryptocurrency sector. MDS Mexico, a healthcare services provider, has introduced a quick Covid-19 testing program that verifies results using blockchain solutions.

MDS Mexico, as per a local news article from Oct. 17, has created a digital portal that allows its clients to obtain real-time data. The findings are also transmitted physically, with a QR code that could be scanned to validate the results and retrieve a patient’s immunization record on MDS Mexico’s Blockchain. MDS conveyed that it used Blockchain to secure diagnostic tests findings, protect clients’ personal information, and avoid the manipulation of Covid-19 medical reports.

According to MDS Mexico, the step was taken primarily to prevent false reports of Covid-19 test results. By adding a cryptographic signature and putting the data on the Blockchain, the chances of falsifying data are effectively zero. MDS is not the first organization in Mexico to implement Blockchain technology. Mexico’s National Chamber of Commerce announced a state-run plan to store and distribute digital vaccine passports over blockchain technology. Private blockchain firm Xertify is partnering with the National Chamber of Commerce on this project.

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