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Microsoft’s Minecraft gets Web3 update with NFT Worlds

Minecraft has gotten an update with the NFT World’s blockchain layer to allow players to access Web3 features. Users can shop online and purchase items using the $WRLD ERC-20 token. But unlike Roblox, Minecraft doesn’t have an established economy.

This upgrade is regarded as big for Minecraft’s fans and NFT collectors as NFT Worlds gives players a metaverse experience in an existing game. The non-fungible tokens in NFT Worlds are pieces of virtual land. There are about 10,000 different Worlds. These worlds differ in appearances such as snowy mountains, massive volcanoes, forest islands, etc. Presently, there is no bidding price with the current floor price being 14.5ETH or about $38,150 for a piece of land.

Analysts compared this to the Ethereum metaverse game The Sandbox as it has much higher prices. A user, in December 2021, had paid $450,000 for a small piece of virtual land. The whopping price was due to this piece of land being next to rapper Snoop Dogg’s property in The Sandbox.

ArkDev, the co-founder of NFT Worlds, tweeted that there are concerns about the worlds being very much humongously large. Temptranquil, the co-founder of NFT Worlds, highlighted that without some kind of transportation, a player cannot just walk across an entire piece of land in the game.

In regards to future developments, the NFT Worlds team intends to make the game experience as low-gas as possible. The team is also working towards making the game frictionless by using an EIP-2771. This is an interface to enable cheaper meta transactions on Ethereum. Moreover, NFT Worlds wants to make a global auction house of sorts. This will eventually function as their online marketplace.

ArkDev said they chose Minecraft because they regard Microsoft as developer-friendly and less strict. He pointed out that Minecraft has a large, custom thriving game development system.

However, NFT Worlds founders are very much aware that they might get rugged off by Microsoft, which means the Windows giant could shut down their project. As such, the platform is maintaining close relations with Microsoft reps in an effort not to violate Minecraft’s End User Licence Agreement.

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