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Microverse Experiences Are The Future of Metaverse, Party.Space CEO

Niche microverse experiences will be the future of the Metaverse, believes Yurii Filipchuck, the founder and CEO of virtual party platform Party.Space. He said Web3 creators should focus on the best way to interact online with online communities. Filipchuck highlighted that each online community builds its own Metaverse. It will connect in a shared network to form a Metaverse.

Party.Space is renowned for “Doge Temple”. This is a “Microverse” creation – a virtual space for Doge meme enthusiasts to socialize. Party.Space launched this platform in November 2021. This is where Product Hunt held the after party of its seventh annual Golden Kitty Awards ceremony. Doge Temple made it as a semi-finalist but missed out on getting an award. ConsitutionDAO received the award for the best Web3 project with Thirdweb, Phantom, and Rainbow being runners-up.

Filipchuck said they want to build Microverse experiences. The platform wants people to be able to travel between them and pick the Microverse that matches and fits with their vibes. Party. Space is exploring a new way for people to communicate. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual events here-to-stay. The pandemic has forced people, communities, and businesses online.

Party. Space believes virtual events are very much convenient. Filipchuk pointed out that virtual events are so much more fun than just speaking over Zoom. He explained that while metaverse tries to be everything for everyone, microverse creates a custom miniature world around existing communities, trends, and ideas.

In October 2021, Party. Space raised $1 million to scale up its metaverse projects and events.

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