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Mike Tyson, the boxing legend, says he’s ‘all in’ on Solana Crypto

Mike Tyson, the boxing legend, says he's 'all in' on Solana Crypto

For many athletes and former athletes, cryptocurrencies have been a go-to investment choice. There are many social and financial reasons behind it, but the popularity of these public figures definitely helped crypto reach new heights. Over the past decade, we have seen mostly entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey come out in support of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Only now are we seeing an increasing number of sports stars and celebrities endorsing crypto for both endorsement purposes and personal experiences. The newest celeb to join this list is the legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson. Apart from being arguably the greatest boxer to ever live, Tyson is also a fan of NFTs and the metaverse. He recently took to Twitter to tell his fans that he is all-in for Solana.

In a Twitter post, Mike Tyson asked his followers to guess how high Solana can go. While he did not receive any serious price analysis, fans were eager to see Mike Tyson investing heavily in the crypto space.

Solana, according to many, has huge potential for the coming years. After the two big dogs – Ethereum and Bitcoin, Solana is among the most promising tokens. Along with Cardano and Ripple, Solana has shown the potential to be the successor to Ethereum. While in terms of value and market capitalization, Solana is still far from the two big players, it has the potential to close the gap. Many people believe that Mike Tyson’s support will give a huge push to this token and it will continue to rise impressively.



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