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Mintage to Bridge the Gap Between Vintage Wear and the Metaverse.


A digital fashion startup Mintage (MNTGE) wants to bridge the gap between vintage wear and the Metaverse. The company was founded by Nick Adler, Sean Wotherspoon, and Brennan Russo.

Adler revealed that they got the idea when he and Russo visited Wotherspoon’s shop Round Two. They went ga ga over the parallels and potential mash-up between non-fungible tokens and vintage apparel.

Mintage will launch on Wednesday with an Ethereum NFT – the MNTGE Pass –  to bring physical vintage fashion to the NFT world as digital wearables that can be used in metaverse platforms. The platform wants to build a community amongst fashion and streetwear aficionades and provide access to real vintage finds. Moreover, Mintage intends to start digital fashion curated by Wotherspoon himself in the Q1 of 2023. They will highlight the kind of technology that Mintage is playing with, using a high-end capture system. This system is used to create digital doubles of actors for movies, but Mintage will use it to recreate physical vintage apparel. Wotherspoon said MNTGE aims to bring a level of detail and imagination that was not expected in the Web3 garment before.

Furthermore, MNTGE is working on ways to offer holders access to vintage gems. It wants to host future physical pop-up shops around art and fashion world events like Art Basel or New York Fashion Week. Mintage is also working with popular NFT profile picture projects.

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