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The month of November is dedicated to promoting crypto literacy

No matter how much crypto is growing over the past few years, the total number of people aware of the basics of it is still far and in between. On a global scale, knowledge about cryptocurrency is nowhere near that of fiat currency. It does not come across as much of a surprise since it has barely been a decade since cryptocurrency first came into being. Compared to the existence of fiat money, it is merely a newborn.

However, the trend is changing slowly yet steadily. More people now know about crypto than ever. The ratio is still very skewed, but that might change as we move into the future.

To promote knowledge about the basics of crypto, the month of November is celebrated as Crypto Literacy month. The initiative first came from, a subsidiary of cryptocurrency cash exchange Coinme. Across November, will delve into a new topic every week. These topics will cover everything from Bitcoin to NFTs to altcoins. The aim is to make the general population more aware of how crypto works and what benefits it can bring to their lives. When 96% of American citizens fail a basic crypto exam, it is a sign of concern. The numbers are even higher outside the United States of America. is hopeful that it can change this scenario. As more people from marginalized communities and oppressed classes get knowledge and access to crypto, the economic picture of the world will change.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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