Monday, December 11, 2023

Moon Nation Project Was Present at the Crypto Expo Event Held in Dubai

Moon Nation is the largest play-to-earn space RPG ever created on the Binance Smart Chain.

The MNG utility token is the bedrock of the Moon Nation economy, with reflections and burns on every transaction. MNG has been acquired by 33,000 investors and has increased by over 15,000 percent since its introduction in May 2021. Through our ongoing development plan, MNG adds more usefulness and feature over time, and our aggressive marketing continues to break all-time highs.

Moon Nation was present at the Crypto Expo 2022 Event, which was held in Dubai.

Moon Nation made the decision to have a doxxed team from the start in order to increase openness and confidence in our community. We are a diverse group of individuals with a track record of accomplishment in the crypto and software development sectors. Since the start, their founding team has stayed intact for over 9 months, and they have all devoted themselves to this project for many years to come.

MNG’s transaction charge of 10% has been vital to the company’s success and longevity. This fee’s components include price stability, consistent deflation, benefits for holders, and cash for ongoing development.

MNG has burnt over 16% of its total supply and distributed over $15 million in reflections to its investors since its introduction.

Moon Nation Bridge (MNB)

Moon Nation Bridge (MNB) is a platform that acts as a hub for all of your crypto games, allowing you to utilize a single token ($MNG) for all of your crypto gaming requirements, and allowing you to integrate crypto into non-blockchain games via easy APIs.

Across your entire library, one portal will streamline all game purchases, play-to-earn prizes, and community involvement. MNB is now available as a proof-of-concept with a limited game selection, with more games on the way in the near future.

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