Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Moonriver Smart Contract Platform goes live amidst much excitement

Moonbeam, the platform on Polkadot that specializes in Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, has recently announced the release of Moonriver on its community-led network Kusama. As of now, Moonriver is officially released and has already been put to work by many people. Many people who helped in the creation of the network have already begun betting on the blockchain app. It is currently the first EVM in deployment at Kusama.

In this article, we would go through the balance transfer function and the staking system in detail. So, hold onto your lottery tickets and hope that we pick you out first.

It is Happening!

Moonriver is a decentralized ecosystem with recently added upgrades that led to concordance on the network system. The actions that were passed have received many newly made functions and clearly warn the world to prepare for an enormous upgrade!

First in the World!

Moonriver para chain presently covers the first Kusama network deployed functional EVM, including the software’s comprehensive Ethereum compatibility. This compatibility also includes Moonriver’s unified account structure or Web3 RPC with other precompiles. And, of course, the package comes with dozens of new projects and DApps that plan expansion of Moonriver in the upcoming weeks.

Enablement of Balance Transfer

MOVR tokens are moved between the ID addresses of users freely. While the Moonriver emits a quite similar experience related to Ethereum, there has been the addition of several new tools that help token holders to set up:

  • Steps on how to use Dapps by connecting MetaMask and Moonriver.
  • In Moonriver steps to nominate a collator.
  • Steps to obtain MOVR rewards vested from the crowd loan event.
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