Saturday, February 24, 2024

More and more Kenyan activists are turning to cryptocurrencies for fundraising.

Even with limited resources, people have a tendency of being creative and making things work in their favor. In the latest case of the new gen fundraisers, many people have opted to use cryptocurrencies to fund their ventures.

Whether it be political activism or environmental causes, many of the traditional sources were disrupted by Covid-19. But as life finds a way, many of the new-gen people found a way to accept crypto.

The world of DeFi and cryptocurrencies, in general, are great as there are no extra charges for transferring anywhere in the world. NGOs from Kenya have started accepting crypto to run their shelters and raise funds.

A variety of artists have made NFTs or supported the people in Kenya. Benjamin Von Wong’s sculpture of a giant tap was sent to Kenya’s Human Needs Project and helped raise $110k for them.

Crypto has been very popular due to the fact that it reduces the barriers of entry. Virtually anyone with an internet connection and a bank account can access the world of crypto. More and more companies are adopting novel fintech ways to have a steady cash flow.

With crypto gaining widespread popularity all over the world, its adoption has also seen a rapid increase. With many 1st and 3rd world countries warming up to the idea of DeFi, it is only time before it becomes mainstream.

This is why it is the best time to invest in NFTs and Cryptocurrencies. They will be a part of our lives and will only become more prominent as time passes.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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