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Motorcycle expert transforms a project into blockchain-based sports analytics company.

Scott Robinson is a motorcycle racing enthusiast. Using skills that he learned from data science, trading and technology, he launched a business platform using blockchain for sports analytics. He set up an internship program at UC Santa Barbara to develop a framework to study the performance of athletes in motorcycle racing events. He is also the founder of Apex146.

He was successful in creating sports performance analytics tools specifically for the motorcycle racing sport. These tools use proprietary methods based on statistics to get results like the moneyball theory used in baseball. This theory helped a team expand and raise money in a short period.

Robinson’s team used blockchain technology via Chainlink. Chainlink works with decentralized apps to access sports data from Apex 146 to create and forecast predictions. Developers are able to create prediction markets for sports using analytics linked together. Statistics use triggers dynamic interactions in decentralized apps. The team also added NFTs to the platform making sports collections available to interested collectors, increasing entertainment value.

There is no doubt that blockchain has a lot of opportunities for all kinds of businesses. According to KPMG, over $30 billion has been invested in the crypto industry in the last year alone. This level of investment is an indicator of the importance and usefulness of blockchain technology. Blockchain is set to revolutionize not just the financial sector but others as well. Scott Robinson’s work and that of others is paving the way for others to do interesting work.

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