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Move aside Apes and Punks, here comes Batman-themed NFTs

DC and Palm NFT Studio are set to release Batman-themed NFTs in April that comes with two years of promised benefits. The Bat Cowl Collection will be launched on April 26. It will have a total of 200,000 non-fungible tokens. Each token will depict a 3D rendition of the superhero’s famed mask or cowl. The NFTs will be released via DC’s NFT marketplace at

The NFTs will be unique and feature various combinations of colors, styles, and mask shapes, drawing inspiration from Batman’s 83-year comic book legacy. Every Batman non-fungible token will be priced at $300. Creators highlighted that the Bat Cowl NFTs will be minted on Palm, an Ethereum sidechain scaling solution that makes transactions faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient. They said that the image attached to the NFT is just one part of the overall value proposition.

DC highlighted a two-year roadmap of various features, benefits, and utilities for the Batman NFT holders. Moreover, the Bat Cowl NFT holders will get access to a private fan forum on the DC Universe portal. They will also have access to fan events, exclusive merchandise, and physical collectibles as well as behind-the-scenes content.

DC also plans to expand the features set with things like metaverse integrations and augmented reality (AR) experiences. Collectors who claimed the free DC FanDome NFTs, as per an official statement, will have the advantage of early access to purchase the Bat Cowl NFTs.

Daniel Heyman, the co-founder, and CEO of Palm NFT Studio, said they have given out several hundred thousand of the free FanDome NFTs. Furthermore, DC plans to integrate the Bat Cowl NFTs into future stories.

The Batman NFTs follows the theatrical release of Warner Bros The Batman, with Robert Pattinson playing the superhero. The movie has recorded more than $300 million at the domestic box office along with the launch of the largest consumer products collection in more than a decade of Batman movie.

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