Saturday, July 20, 2024 will use blockchain technology to revolutionise movie financing.

According to a recent press report, is planning to provide film funding and decentralized finance (DeFi). The funding will be provided to both small, independent filmmakers as well for big-budget films., through their scheme, will permit film producers, directors, and writers to fund their own films or scripts. Through this scheme, aims to democratize and decentralize film finance. It is hoped that this will give filmmakers and the viewers greater control.

The platform has already taken off, with several top stars from Hollywood, such as Russel Crowe and Mel Gibson, having already signed on. The platform enables people to invest and hold the MOVIE coin. Features

The coin holders will have the opportunity to invest in films on the platform. This will entitle them to a share of the profit that the film earns. The platform also plans to offer NFTs. This will be on Opensea and Rarible.

The NFTs will be of behind-the-scenes shots and other memorabilia from the films. This is part of the larger trend of NFTs having actual utility. is also the first to develop a 3-D primary, secondary and tertiary NFT marketplace. The unique feature of this marketplace being that the NFTs also have utility.

Investors stand to benefit from the NFTs through secondary sales. This is in addition to a share of the profit from the film in perpetuity. The platform will also be selling the film’s frames as NFTs.

An added feature is that is built on the blockchain Etheruem. This means that it is already integrated into a well-known NFT and token marketplace.

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