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Mozilla Feels The Heat For Taking Donations in Cryptocurrencies

Mozilla has ceased taking donations in cryptocurrencies due to the damage it is doing to the environment. The maker of the Firefox browser said it is listening and “taking action”. It is reviewing its current policy to determine how cryptocurrency fits with the organization’s “climate goals”.

The tech company’s move comes after Jamie Zawinski, the co-founder of Mozilla, used some very “harsh words” for people making donations in cryptocurrencies – “planet incinerating cryptocurrency donations”. He took to Twitter, a microblogging platform, to say that everyone involved in the project should be ashamed to partner with planet-incinerating Ponzi grifters.

Now an owner of a nightclub, Zawinski has also lashed out at the crypto industry’s business model saying it’s unrealistic and ham-handed. He believes the crypto industry is the villain on Planet Earth and said that it turns pollution into money. The former co-founder of Mozilla said the only thing one can do with crypto is pay ransom after their computer has been hacked. You can’t even use it to buy porn, Zawinski said. It is not a currency if you can’t porn with it! He also said that cryptocurrencies are itchy and scratchy money.

However, some crypto enthusiasts weren’t pleased with Zawinski’s comments. Adam Black, the CEO of Blockstream, bounced back saying some early coders have been living under a rock about bitcoin. But a programmer who helped design Gecko, Peter Liss took sides with Zawinski. Black said it was very much evident that they know very little about bitcoin. Billy Markus, the co-creator of Dogecoin, also gave his two cents saying the anti-crypto ranting is far more insufferable than that coming from the pro-crypto camp.

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