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Mulierum Space Wins Best Crypto Solution Award at the CED2021


Mulierum, the next generation payment platform for social media, powered by blockchain is a completely decentralized and autonomous structure that is led by an international and open-source community.

Most recently, the advanced blockchain-based platform showed up at one of the biggest events related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. The platform won the Best Crypto Solution Award at the event, which marks yet another significant step towards the success of the project.

As revealed on the official website of the platform, Mulierum is intended to assist the social media platforms process payments promptly via smart contracts at a minimal rate without the need of any third party.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the platform believes in uplifting the importance of executing secure transactions, enhanced transparency, and a unified payout system. The platform strives to assist genuine content creators and distributors earn a notable amount of money from social media networks with the involvement of a very low commission rate.

Features and Advantages of Mulierum Over Other Platforms

  1. Secure Storage – This feature is undoubtedly important to lay your bet on, Mulierum facilitates this by providing its own highly secured Mulierum Wallet.
  2. Exchange Service – Being a complete platform in itself, it allows easy and fast payment management.
  3. International Ecosystem – Mulierum opens door to robust token management services
  4. Encrypted – The ecosystem provided by the platform is completely encrypted, which makes it exceptionally difficult to hamper the security factor of the platform
  5. KYC Verification – In today’s time, it is important for any organization to know who they are dealing with. Keeping this in mind, Mulierum focuses on the Know Your Customer verification policy.

Along with this, we should emphasize the fact that the next target of the platform is enabling staking 2.0 on its platform. This, as per revelations, will be accomplished by the end of this year.

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