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My Liquidity Partner Exhibited the AIBC Summit 2022 Event Held in Dubai

My Liquidity Partner is a means for you to make your coins generate additional passive revenue without having to spend hours in front of the charts.

My Liquidity Program uses your coins in liquidity pools that are managed on Uniswap, and they can pay our Liquidity Partners a WEEKLY return on their holdings because of our superior algorithms and specialists. They promise that their ETH or BTC will be matched with our committed coins. My Liquidity Partner also participated in AIBC Dubai Event Companies in 2022.

Why become My Liquidity Partner

Partner Fee

As a partnership fee, liquidity partners earn 2.25 percent of their Ethereum (ETH)* every week. Partner has the option of weekly payments or “Hyper-Compounding.”

No Lock-in Period

The liquidity partner must agree to the terms and conditions by signing the “Liquidity Partner Agreement.”

KYC Approved

KYC approval and appropriate identity are required of liquidity partners.

100% Protection

Ruby Family Office ($3.7 billion AUM) has completely secured and endorsed the platform.

What is Liquidity Pool

A Liquidity Pool is a pool of cryptocurrency currencies that are used to collect fees from inside deals. Unique smart contracts that interact in the decentralized exchange run and secure this.

Why Choose Liquidity Pool

  • BTC By utilizing their matched coin allocation, they are able to eliminate any risk on our partners’ end.
  • The Total Value Locked (TVL) is $350 million and growing every day.
  • The 24-hour trade volume is presently over $50 million, and it is rapidly increasing.
  • The chance to receive $400K in fees from a single POOL.
  • Our Liquidity Partners have access to BTC, SHIBA, and USDC pools. Although the USDC pool has a lower weekly return rate, it is valued for its reliability (being a stable coin). Their BTC pool is for individuals who wish to engage in a higher yield pool, with a minimum investment of 1 BTC, and they also offer a pool for their crypto natives who own SHIBA!
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