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Myriad Flow Steals The Show At AIBC Summit Toronto.

According to the Cities of the Future Index, which places Toronto among the top smart cities, it is a center for new technology and its integration into daily life. Why wouldn’t they want to be at the cutting edge of the trillion-dollar industries of the future?

Toronto was an obvious choice for us because Canada is one of the top countries driving the future industry forward. Because it would be a hub for the world’s best specialists in law, policymaking, technical development, and cutting-edge research, the AIBC Americas Expo was a haven for many investors and entrepreneurs ready to ride the wave of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

To add to the excitement, an NFT platform called Myriad Flow was featured this year.

Explore NFTs At Myriad Flow for Best Options

MyriadFlow is a cutting-edge platform for discovering and launching NFT Experiences. Through our revolutionary App Store, explore the next generation of Utility NFTs.

MyriadFlow is a SaaS platform that allows you to create and manage your own NFT Marketplace. Utility NFTs: Reimagining the Next Generation of App Store

The Possibilities

–Start an NFT Marketplace

MyriadFlow makes it simple to get your NFT Store up and running.

Get your NFT Solution up and running in seconds, and you’ll be ready to go.

–For Your Service, Utility

Quickly convert your existing asset to NFT, grant privileged access to your one-of-a-kind services, and increase the value of your company.

–NFTs that can be worn

Minting NFTs for physical goods increases their scarcity in the digital world, making them more valuable than other assets. Investigate the vast untapped potential for physical applications.

–Option to deploy your solution on all major blockchains with Multi Chain Support. The assets are kept on IPFS, and each solution receives an Exclusive Indexer for on-chain event tracking.

Before you can utter 5 Mississippis, MyriadFlow will provide you with NFT experiences. Using NFTs, you can save time and resources while deploying your business use cases.

MyriadFlow Platform provides a plethora of features, connectors, and customer service. You’ll always be free to try new things and experiment with cutting-edge technology without having to worry about compatibility.

Their entire codebase is MIT licensed, which means it may be self-hosted for free. We think that Web3 is for everyone and that you should have complete control over your company.

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