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MyRIG Shop for Mining Equipment Showed up at the CED2021, Plans For Expansion


MyRIG Shop, the crypto mining equipment providing platform based in Moscow, recently showed up at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 for attracting investors and miners. The mining equipment selling company revealed its plans of expansion at the event and disclosed the efficiency details of its miners.

The team behind the innovation ecosystem for efficiency mining, MyRIG, is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that brings out the most productive results in the mining of cryptocurrencies.

As far as the quality and operability of miners provided by the company is concerned, Myrig carries out a detailed inspection of miners before letting them out for shipping to the customer. This ultimately contributes to the credibility of the company and increases the level of trust in buyers.

In addition to this, it should be noted that there are many payment options available for the customer, such as through bank cards, mobile banking, online payments, and even cryptocurrencies.

Here, the major question of trust arises, as the customer is entirely new to the company, and hence, to resolve this issue, Myrig draws up a legit agreement for the supply of equipment.

Product Quality Assurance and Extended Logistics Support in Russia

The fact that the involvement of a middleman in any transaction or dealing, or even supply, raises a chance of hampering the quality of the product just can’t be denied. Well, to counter this problem, the company orders the supply of miners directly from the factories of the manufacturer.

Moreover, the delivery structure of the company is impressive as they are backed by logistics support for delivery anywhere in Russia.

MyRIG offers a wide range of miners starting from 13.5TH/s hash rate to 110 TH/s and energy consumption processors ranging from 1390 W to 3696 W. If you are low on budget, you can also settle for used miners.

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