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NASA slams NFTs, claiming they won’t fly with its pictures.

The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are on a rollercoaster ride that is mostly going up and above to the point that it touches the figurative moon in space. It is well known that NFTs have their logo. But now, NFTs wanted NASA to use its logo in their NASA logo for higher promotion, it seems like. However, NASA, The American Space Agency, has firmly refused to comply with this invitation.

NASA says they do not want their content or logo to be associated with NFTs or crypto since it has nothing to do with what NASA stands for. The government agencies have not copyrighted any of their content because it can be used for informational and educational purposes. However, NASA has copyright over its logo and can only be used by those who have the granted permission by NASA only.

Unlike other brands that are already associated with NFTs, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Taco-Bell, The NBA, and some other popular brands, NASA is insistent on not being part of this new crypto trend. NASA states that it is unlawful for NFTs owners to use the logo and their content because they have no lawful owner of this content.

Even though NASA does not support NFTs usage, in the past, they had some involvement with the NFTs. Mars4 was this one project where NASA gave permission for its data to be used in the three-dimensional model of Mars. Mars4 is a project related to metaverse where NASA and some other Aeronautics organizations took part.

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