Thursday, December 7, 2023 kicks up its launch with a DAO for Ukraine funding. has officially launched its platform and anyone can use the available services to build customized DAOs. is available on the Solana Network. This company also started a fundraiser DAO as a part of the launch efforts to offer support to Ukraine against Russia. The aid available for the Ukrainian DAO has been endorsed by the Ukrainian government and Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana’s co-founder.

What is interesting about this platform is that people don’t need technical knowhow or any crypto knowledge to build a DAO on Solana. The goal is to bring blockchain and the ability to build DAOs to the public. People can create campaigns that are important to them and also promote causes.

What is so special about DAOs?

DAOs have been gaining ground in the last few months as crowdfunding is much easier. There is no governing authority to say who can and cannot access a DAO system. The fact is that platforms like GoFundMe and Patreon which facilitate crowdfunding have made headlines recently. This happened because they suspended many fundraisers as it was brought to light that they violated services terms.

A notable example of this was the removal of a Ukrainian fundraising effort by Patreon during the invasion by Russia. According to Patreon, fundraisers to buy military equipment was prohibited in the company’s terms and conditions. Many NGOs were sending money to support Ukraine’s military forces.

DAOs can be used for purposes other than crowdfunding. They can be used for group investments, organize for any cause or the purchase of assets. The fact is that DAO codes cannot be changed by one member of the group. The concept works on trust and there is always a chance of foul play.

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