Sunday, June 23, 2024

Nethermind Transpiles and Compiles Uniswap v3 on Warp.

Nethermind, an Ethereum development company, has transpiled and compiled Uniswap v3 on Warp. It allows Ethereum users to swap tokens on the more scalable Ethereum layer-2 network StarkNet.

Warp is a solidity to Cairo Transpiler which enables Ethereum-based projects written in Solidity to transition its codebase onto StarkNet. It allows them to capitalize on cheaper fees. Moreover, transpiling is a process of taking source code written in one programming language and transforming it into another language that has a similar level of abstraction. As such, Warp transpiles Solidity code to Cairo (the programming language used to write applications on StarkNet).

However, the Warp plugin is technically under development. Jorik Schellekens, the team lead, said Nethermind will soon have Uniswap’s entire test suite running against a Uniswap implementation deployed on StarkNet. This followed StarkNet’s new contract creation from other contracts’ capability. It enabled Wrap to successfully transpile and deploy every Solidity file from Uniswap v3. Schellekens said it allowed projects of all sizes to get onto StarkNet. He outlined that with Wrap rapidly maturing, the barrier to entry for large and small projects alike to test out the capabilities of StarkNet is lowering.

Schellekens pointed out that Warp’s Solidity to Cairo translation hasn’t been picture-perfect. There are a number of Solidity functions that Nethermind developers haven’t determined how to add to Cairo. And a few key functions will either require developer intervention or will likely never be supported at all.

Nethermind wants to advance Warp’s features further to bring more Ethereum-based projects to StarkNet. The platform will continue to work hard on features and repeat the experiments with a few other protocols, to bring new protocols to StarkNet at warp speed.

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