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Coinbase-Acquired Crypto Tracking Company Neutrino Exhibited at the AIBC Malta Event

The company that excels in offering solutions for monitoring, analyzing, and tracking the flows associated with cryptocurrency, Neutrino, recently showed up at the AIBC Summit. The event held in Malta back in the month of November is considered one of the most significant events related to technology and blockchain.

Well, we surely can not avoid the emerging technologies and digital advancements that are taking place here in our surroundings.

As a result of this, the event organizers backing the AIBC Malta event came out by providing a platform to all the great minds behind startups and emerging businesses that are related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The company also offers a solution for monitoring, analyzing, and tracking cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains, XFLOW. As an explanation for this, it should be noted that the solution is particularly designed and developed for all the law enforcement agencies out there to counter the crimes and unlawful activities conducted in the space.

In addition to this, we obtained the data from the official website of Neutrino that the solution provided by the company keeps track of the stolen and criminal funds, investigates ransomware, and also conducts the analysis of the darknet markets.

Neutrino to Accompany Coinbase in Tracking Illegal Funds

Apart from this, the solution gathers information related to cryptocurrencies from open sources, and investigators on the platform are equipped with the potential to import data from their own private databases. By databases, we want to specify certain documents such as seizures, public records, etc.

Most recently, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase acquired the firm Neutrino as part of a wider push to offer more diversified crypto assets across borders.

All the eight employees of the company shifted to the office of Coinbase based in London and it will now be accompanying Coinbase in tracking illegal activities and unlawful transfer of funds.

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