Thursday, June 20, 2024

NFT Collector Files Lawsuit Against OpenSea Marketplace for Negligence.

Robbie Acres, an NFT collector, has filed a lawsuit against OpenSea for alleged transgressions, including one wherein the complainant was prevented from accessing his account for more than three months.

Acres said his NFTs were also taken from him in a phishing fraud which he had informed the NFT marketplace about. He has had great difficulty. The collector claimed it took OpenSea more than 48 hours to react and by the time it did, the stolen assets had already been sold at a considerably low price as the buyer had prioritized speed above the value.

But OpenSea took action as well. It disabled Acres’ account to prevent additional harm from occurring. However, Acres said it was not the answer that he had been looking for. He alleged that the NFT marketplace kept his assets as a ransom for more than three months despite being repeatedly demanded to be released. Acres said he had to provide a statement in which he lied to himself to have his account unlocked. Moreover, he believes OpenSea should be held responsible for the losses incurred during the period in question. The complainant outlined that the damages that have been assessed because of OpenSea’s conduct sum up to $500,000 in total.

Acres said he suffered a considerable loss because of OpenSea’s activities. He believes this was either the result of the marketplace’s purpose or incompetence. As such, Acres has sought legal counsel to pursue legal action against OpenSea.

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