Friday, December 8, 2023

NFT collector loses $150,000 in a meme bid on ENS name.

An NFT collector lost over $150,000 worth of ETH after a joke bid on an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) was accepted. Franklin, a pseudonymous collector, had registered the ENS name stop-doing-fake-bids-its-honestly-lame-my-guy.eth through an alternative Ethereum wallet. He then placed a 100 WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) bid on it using his main wallet.

Franklin highlighted that it was meant to be a joke to make the ENS Bids Twitter bot tweet it out. He was trying to mock the system but it had the tables turned on him. Franklin sold the ENS domain to someone else for 1.9ETH worth about $2,880. He tweeted that he would have to mint the ENS address himself too.

But he forgot to cancel the 100 ETH bid that he had placed from his other wallet. As such, 15 minutes after the sale, the new owner of the meme ENS name accepted the bid and got the 100 ETH. Franklin got his ENS name back but lost 100 ETH in the process. He said he was celebrating his joke of a domain sale, but in fact, lost out on 100 ETH. Franklin forgot to cancel his own bid to buy the name back. He said he deserves all the jokes and criticism. Some crypto Twitter users said he was botted – meaning that an automatic program accepted his 100 ETH bid before he could cancel it. However, Franklin said it was entirely his own mistake. He shared that he had plenty of time to cancel the offer but kept running to Twitter instead. Franklin said he didn’t think about canceling because he had already concluded earlier in the day that he was never going to transfer.

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